Market opening for clubs in Europe, China and the United States of America

A successful market opening requires a high-quality network. For more than 20 years we have been cultivating contacts on a very advanced economic and political basis. Thus, we have strong linkages with the governments of Germany, China and the US and of course excellent connections with national and international media. More important than ever the media network is an essential factor to communicate success in a targeted way.


Youth development

In order to ensure best setting for us and our clients in the coming years, we already prepare and commit ourselves now. Therefore, we have been training young football players for many years. One of our main aspects of our strategy of success are numerous international football camps we implemented with our partner company. Our football coaches are highly qualified and do have all the experience in theory and practice one needs to write future success stories. Regarding youth development, we focus on international markets, such as Europe, China and the US.


Investor search

The investor search plays an increasing role in today’s football. Without investors, football could not survive. About 20 years ago, we already turned our attention to the investor search as the core competence of our company is to recognize trends.

American and Asian investors are very much interested in the support of European clubs as they offer the possibility to hold the majority of shares. In Germany, however, the 50+1 rule prevents this possibility. Nevertheless, German clubs are interesting for minority investors.

The value of a club is strongly influenced by the revenues through TV rights. Therefore, investing in British clubs of the Premier League is extremely expensive as they are lonely at the top regarding revenues.

The British clubs are followed by the German and Spanish clubs which are a little bit less expensive for investors. But the second league is also interesting for investors in all three countries.

Investors searching for clubs in the middle price segment, we recommend to put out feelers in Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. These clubs offer good possibilities for talented youngsters to get match praxis before they are transferred to big European leagues. Normally, the clubs receive pretty high revenues from transfers.

If you would like to deeper immerse into the subject, we recommend the book “Assetklasse Fußball, Chancen und Risiken für Fußballinvestoren”:

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Project support in target markets

Our extensive database allows us to accompany any project on a national or international basis. Currently we are the initiator of a very exciting project. We support the construction of 100 football schools in China.

For this project we found experienced German partners who are willing to export and transfer the know-how of the German world champion to China. In 2018/2019 the first pilot football academy will be opened in China. Our aim is to discover the next Chinese football star and to promote him in China.